Cupe 503 Collective Agreement 2018

The CUPE 503 Collective Agreement 2018: What You Need to Know

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 503 represents over 13,000 workers in the Ottawa area. In 2018, CUPE 503 negotiated a new collective agreement with the City of Ottawa, which governs the working conditions and benefits for its members.

So what exactly is in the CUPE 503 Collective Agreement 2018, and how does it affect workers in the Ottawa area? Let`s take a closer look.

Salary Increases

One of the most significant aspects of the new agreement is the salary increases negotiated for members of CUPE 503. According to the agreement, members will receive a 1.75% salary increase in 2018, followed by additional increases of 2% in 2019 and 2020. These increases are meant to help workers keep up with the rising cost of living in the region.

Workplace Health and Safety

The agreement also includes a number of provisions to help ensure the health and safety of workers on the job. This includes new protocols for dealing with workplace violence and harassment, as well as enhanced training for workers in hazardous environments.

Job Security

The new agreement also includes provisions to help protect the job security of CUPE 503 members. This includes a commitment from the City of Ottawa to maintain a certain number of full-time jobs, as well as provisions for the re-employment of workers in cases of layoffs or restructuring.


The collective agreement also includes a number of enhancements to benefits for CUPE 503 members. This includes improved dental and vision coverage, as well as new provisions for parental leave and bereavement leave.

Work-Life Balance

Finally, the agreement includes provisions to help promote work-life balance for CUPE 503 members. This includes new provisions for flexible work arrangements, as well as improved access to vacation and personal days.

Overall, the CUPE 503 Collective Agreement 2018 is a significant win for workers in the Ottawa area, providing salary increases, enhanced benefits, and important workplace protections. For CUPE 503 members, it represents a major step forward in improving their working conditions and quality of life.